CHAPP Solutions is a young company with global nature formed by a team of thinkers who work in order to identify and develop tech solutions that make a difference. We believe in a future based in the development of new business models and innovative technological solutions which make the differences between companies, making them more cost-effective and competitive.

For this reason, in CHAPP we creatively develop solutions for Hotel and Rent a Car companies from a strategic and cost-effective point of view, taking care of the design and user experience.

We live in a generational transition era in which many entrepreneurs and executives are not familiarized with the new technologies required by the market to be competitive in this globalized world. Therefore, the best solution is to outsource to specialized companies the implementation of the necessary strategic solutions to increase customers’ satisfaction as well as company’s results.

In CHAPP we develop solutions for Hotel and Rent a Car companies, helping them grow, innovate and be more competitive.


We love breaking paradigms, thinking outside the box, creativity and innovation.
We love technology, cloud based and multi device solutions and all the possibilities they add to companies.
We love creative and teamwork.
We love making things easier for the user and more cost-effective for companies.
We love helping companies grow, innovate and stand out.


We are constantly looking for new business models based on innovation, creating value from a technological and strategic perspective.


We love creating integrated software solutions, designing the technological architecture and implementing and setting the needed backend as well as frontend, whether it’s mobile or web app.


In our developments, the design is a distinctive value. We think that our productos convey our clients’ strengths and uniqueness.


We think it’s important to create a memorable user experience (UX) and that’s why focus on the satisfaction of the target group.The pillars of UX are: usability, usefulness, accessibility and functionality.


POK, Point of Kiosk, is a self-service kiosk designed to innovate and optimise processes, reducing operational costs and increasing sales. It offers a modern design and the best UX thanks to its intuitive interface.

This solution is currently implemented in prestigious Rent a Car companies and hotel chains. In CHAPP Solutions we’re proud of the POK’s output and we work each day to offer the best service with efficiency, confidence and professionalism. This way we can build a long-term relationship with our clients in which we contribute to add value to their companies.

POK Rent a Car

POK Rent a Car has been designed to innovate this sector’s business model by optimising processes, increasing points of sales and reducing operational costs.

POK Hotel Check in

POK Hotel Check in has been designed to prevent queues at the reception desk and to increase customers’ satisfaction with the best UX. In addition, its eye-catching and compact design is perfect to suit the hotel design and furniture. Thanks to POK Hotel Check in, the receptionist can attend to different customers simultaneously.
POK offers a wide range of check in possibilities, such as the solutions ‘Online Pre-Check in’ or ‘Check in On the Go’.

LEAN Hotel System

LEAN Hotel System is the most modern PMS, 100% cloud-based, multi-device and designed to improve the main hotel management processes with the best UX.

Designed under 3 premises:

  1. LEAN, less is more! Very intuitive, with only the features you really need.
  2. No training required. It’s based on processes more than features, having the main idea of guiding the user step by step with no need for experience or training.
  3. Increase productivity, reducing processes times and manual labor inefficiency. Processes are completed 60% faster than in other PMS. It’s a fact!


LOGISTICAPP is a mobile app for the management of the collection and delivery of packages, vehicles, etc. It’s a software solution adapted to the market and to the functionalities of each process, whether it’s rent a car, parcel services, parking or any other.


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